Monday, 25 September 2017

Some Very Common Reasons for Tooth Pain

The tooth pain can prove to be the sufficient reason for ruining your entire day. When the pain is at peak, you will surely think about going to the dentist on an emergency basis. Even the mild pain can be very disturbing. You may be thinking about ignoring this mild pain but it will certainly distract you from the tasks of the day. In the end, you will have no choice but to visit the dentist.

Good news is that tooth pain is identifiable. It means that you can get to know about the real cause of pain and then you can narrow down your thinking process to reach a definite conclusion. You may be able to treat the tooth pain on your own depending on what the type of pain is or the real cause of the tooth pain.

Hence, it should be worth mentioning a few most common reasons for the tooth pain.

Tooth decay
Tooth decay is commonly caused due to the bacterial action. The bacteria in the mouth usually feed on sugars, leading them to release the acid which weakens and ultimately eats away the tooth enamel. As a result, the tooth dentin also starts to get weakened due to the action of these acids.

Tooth decay leads to the cavities. Cavities do not only lead to the weakening of teeth but it also infects the inner pulp of the teeth. Hence, the pain caused as a result would be severe. Cavities ultimately lead to the tooth loss, and may be even more than that.

Cracked tooth
Sometimes, you may not be able to locate the crack in tooth. But if you feel sharp pain while having hot and cold drinks or while chewing the foods, you may be experiencing this pain due to cracked tooth. The cracked tooth is basically the broken enamel. Hence, the pieces of tooth move around when you eat, leading to the irritation in the pulp. This irritation can result in the severe and sharp tooth pain.

When you experience such pain, you need to immediately see your dentist.

This one is the deceptive pain because it doesn’t have anything to do with the teeth or dental health. When you have a sinus problem, you might feel pain in the cheek right above the upper jaw and may be in the roots of the teeth. In such condition, you don’t need to see the dentist. You can go to ENT specialist to get the sinus issue treated.

Tooth sensitivity
The pain due to tooth sensitivity can occur while breathing in the cold air, drinking hot and cold beverages, eating sugary foods, or eating acidic foods. As a result, the protective tooth enamel wears out.

To treat the tooth sensitivity, you can pick a sensitivity tooth paste.  You dentist may suggest you to have a fluoride rinse using mouthwash or gel. 

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